Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween... Bedrock Style

We attended a neighborhood party tonight.  We were running a little late so I wasn't able to get pictures while it was still daylight.  This picture cracks me up.. there is so much going on.  One... there is a really nasty slug on my pumpkin!  Two, Madison and another stinkin sucker.  I gave it to her because she was so freaked out by her costumed daddy.  I knew if I pried it from her jaws we would NEVER get a good picture.. and three, she's startled in this photo because I was yelling at her to keep her hands away from the fire!  I'll be purchasing fake candles for the future!! 

Here's a picture of all the neighborhood kids before they left to trick-or-treat.  I was thrilled Madison stayed put for the photo session!

Madison spent most of the evening running from her dad.  He really felt silly and wanted her nearby to explain his attire!!  HEE HEE!  We tried to reel her in with some candy...

I finally got picture of the two of them.  I do have a Wilma costume...we bought them for a party last year. I'm just not as good of a sport as Jason!

Happy Halloween!!!

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Army Pumpkin

It's early Halloween morning and my sister, Jennie, is on her way to the airport with her two small children.  Her husband, Kris, is on National Guard active duty and is returning home after spending three weeks in Uganda.  He was due home this past Wednesday; however, one small plane issue delayed their homecoming for several days. 

Jennie's work had a pumpkin contest this past week and in honor of Kris and all service men and women, her department entered this pumpkin complete with real Kris accessories.  (She brought it home yesterday to show Kris upon his return.  She walks out of the room for two seconds and her 4 year old managed to dismantle it!  I called her when she was trying to figure out how to get it back together.  HEE HEE!)

Unfortunately, army pumpkin did not win.  Here are the winners.


MOST CREATIVE: (Chef's garden with cat and goldfish - there is a real goldfish in the cat's belly!)

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parade

Madison went to school on Thursday in her Halloween costume.  If you couldn't guess from the first picture, she is Pebbles!  We arrived at school a little after nine in great anticipation of the parade that was to start promptly at 9:25.  The toddlers checked each other out and received sweet gifts from their teacher, Mrs. Austin.



One of the treats Madison received was suckers.  I couldn't quite figure out how she knew what it was, but she wanted it immediately.  She tried to suck it with the wrapper on.  I finally gave in and let her have it.  I glanced around the room and realized she was the only one breaking out the candy!!

I also quickly realized that 18 month olds do NOT know how to properly suck a sucker.  They let the drool roll right on out, down the chin, and to the shirt!

When it was time to start the parade, I was OVER the sticky mess on my child so I snatched the sucker out of her hand and threw it in the trash can.  I had NO IDEA the drama that would ensue.  I don't think I've ever seen such a fit.  I turned around for a split second to see if I could find a wipe and at that moment Madison dove into the garbage can after her sucker.  After a small wrestling match I managed to retrieve her and get her cleaned up and calmed down for her parade debut.

She had a great time.  I've since hidden the suckers.  Out of sight... out of mind!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Past

Last year I bought Madison's costume in August.  Crazy, I know.  I saw this bumble bee costume and knew it was "the one."  Jason, being a GA Tech graduate, liked it too especially since he thought it was a yellow jacket.  HEE HEE!

We got so many wonderful pictures of Madison last year.  This was my absolute favorite!


Jason was the photographer that evening.  I loved this shot as well.. as a matter of fact I have it in my sidebar.



Here is Madison with our all our neighbor kids before they left to go trick-or-treating.  We took Madison back in to hand out candy. 

Stay tuned for this year's costume!

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Visit to Nana and Pop's House

I went to Atlanta these past few days to go shopping with my mom.  Madison stayed with Jason's parents in Greenville.  They took her to the zoo (I will post pictures soon) and she got to hang out with her cousins, Alston and Parker.  Madison and Parker are only three months apart!  I thought these pictures were so cute I couldn't wait to get them posted.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Sweet Pumpkin

The day Madison turned 18 months (October 19th) we took her to pick out a pumpkin.  As soon as we arrived she ran out into the field screaming "punkin... punkin."  I love to hear my sweet girl talk!! 

I wanted a picture of Madison sitting on a pumpkin.  Here are a few test shots...


and then I got this adorable picture!

She loved being there so much I got a million pictures with her smiling BIG!

I bought her a pumpkin hat similar to the one she had last year.  Unfortunately this is the only picture I got of her wearing it!!

I'll try again another day...

Before we left I had her take her baby pumpkins to the front of the church while Jason loaded her big pumpkin.  She wanted to carry the little ones and of course they took a few spills, but managed to survive.

We had a hard time getting Madison and the pumpkins loaded into the car.  She did NOT want to leave.

Madison had her 18 month check up today.  She remains in the 50th percentile for weight and the 75th for height and head...  She got two shots and had to get band-aids for her "boo boos.."  She cried harder than she has ever cried today.  It broke my heart.  She was screaming "Da Da... Da Da."  So I offered to call her daddy (which we do at least once a day) and that seemed to calm her down. 

I watch her all the time and just can't believe she's already one and a half! I love it when she runs to me with her arms extended and says "up" very matter of fact. It's not always the best time for me to pick her up (i.e. while cooking dinner), but I always try to stop what I'm doing and pick her "up."  I know these days are limited.  If I ask her if something is good she says "num, num, num" kind of sing song.  She has just recently started to flip onto her stomach while taking a bath.  She kicks and seems to love being on her belly.  Maybe I'll have her swimming next summer...  Texas will be a great place to learn!  Her personality is just blossoming.  She is a VERY happy, VERY healthy girl.. what more could I ask for??? 
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Eighteen Month Photo Session

I wanted Madison's 18 month photos taken outside.  In order to get the best light you have to shoot in the evening.  Madison and I met Julie at 4:30 p.m. at the beautiful Reynolda Gardens in Winston-Salem.  Madison took the longest nap of her life that day.  I had to wake her up at 3:45 so we could meet Juile in time!  Madison was in the BEST mood.  Here are a few sneak peeks Julie sent me.  I had the red dress in mind for Christmas cards...  I love how it turned out!

Julie always sends five sneak peeks the night after a photo session.  I am so thankful because usually those five are enough to carry me through until all the proofs are ready.  I am only sharing four because I'm pretty sure I'll be using the fifth one for my Christmas cards. 

Madison was also used as a model for Juile and about 9 other photographers a few weeks ago.  We drove almost two hours for a photo shoot on a farm.  In exchange for our time we get a disc of the photos from all the photographers!  Such a deal!!!  To see a few shots from that day click here.

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