Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween... Bedrock Style

We attended a neighborhood party tonight.  We were running a little late so I wasn't able to get pictures while it was still daylight.  This picture cracks me up.. there is so much going on.  One... there is a really nasty slug on my pumpkin!  Two, Madison and another stinkin sucker.  I gave it to her because she was so freaked out by her costumed daddy.  I knew if I pried it from her jaws we would NEVER get a good picture.. and three, she's startled in this photo because I was yelling at her to keep her hands away from the fire!  I'll be purchasing fake candles for the future!! 

Here's a picture of all the neighborhood kids before they left to trick-or-treat.  I was thrilled Madison stayed put for the photo session!

Madison spent most of the evening running from her dad.  He really felt silly and wanted her nearby to explain his attire!!  HEE HEE!  We tried to reel her in with some candy...

I finally got picture of the two of them.  I do have a Wilma costume...we bought them for a party last year. I'm just not as good of a sport as Jason!

Happy Halloween!!!

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