Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parade

Madison went to school on Thursday in her Halloween costume.  If you couldn't guess from the first picture, she is Pebbles!  We arrived at school a little after nine in great anticipation of the parade that was to start promptly at 9:25.  The toddlers checked each other out and received sweet gifts from their teacher, Mrs. Austin.



One of the treats Madison received was suckers.  I couldn't quite figure out how she knew what it was, but she wanted it immediately.  She tried to suck it with the wrapper on.  I finally gave in and let her have it.  I glanced around the room and realized she was the only one breaking out the candy!!

I also quickly realized that 18 month olds do NOT know how to properly suck a sucker.  They let the drool roll right on out, down the chin, and to the shirt!

When it was time to start the parade, I was OVER the sticky mess on my child so I snatched the sucker out of her hand and threw it in the trash can.  I had NO IDEA the drama that would ensue.  I don't think I've ever seen such a fit.  I turned around for a split second to see if I could find a wipe and at that moment Madison dove into the garbage can after her sucker.  After a small wrestling match I managed to retrieve her and get her cleaned up and calmed down for her parade debut.

She had a great time.  I've since hidden the suckers.  Out of sight... out of mind!

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