Friday, October 2, 2009

Kelly's Show Us Your Life - My Thoughts on Baby Stuff...

I successfully got Madison from baby to toddler and I probably could have done it with a lot less gear!  Here are a few of the things I could and could not live without.

Travel system... This is ours and we love it!  It's a great neutral and very sturdy.  The stroller is durable and holds a lot.  This was great for long walks when I was trying to walk that baby weight off. 

However, once Madison was out of the infant stage (i.e. me toting around the car seat) I went to using this stroller pretty much all the time.  Very lightweight and compact.  I can take it in and out of my trunk with one hand which is perfect for quick trips and shopping.  If you get a small stroller make sure you get one with harnesses.... a big must for toddlers!

I believe there is some controversy over this one!!  Either you love them or you hate them.  I love mine and it's a must have for me!!! 

Wipe Warmer...  Madison transitions just fine if I need to use a cold wipe.  :) 

Our frog pod is great in theory.  However, I can't get my husband to use it.  We take turns bathing Madison and he NEVER scoops up the toys.  So like I said.. cute if you can get everyone to participate.

Oh my gosh how a swing is important to have!!!  Your baby won't use it long, but oh while they do it works.  When you need a break or they need a nice long nap just plop them in the must have swing.

The pack in play.. Madison spent the first 6 weeks of her life sleeping in this in my room.  I also used the changing table in the middle of the night.  Once she moved to her own room this was great for travel.  We also use it when we have company with little ones over.

A few others to note... boppy, avent bottles and microwave steamer.  Gerber cloth diapers make the best burp cloths. 

Don'ts...  I bought a million pacifiers and even had monogrammed pacifier clips made.  Madison would not take one single pacifier and even gagged on them.  Those poor clips never saw the light of day.  I've heard the same about bottles.  Don't buy too many because your baby might prefer one over the other.  Luckily Madison loved my Avent.  I had the boppy and My Breast Friend.  While My Breast Friend was great it was a lot easer to just grab the boppy than to try and attach the other in the middle of the night!!!  Johnny Jumper... borrow a friends first to make sure your baby will jump!.  We have one for Madison.. the most she did was sit in it.  She was never in to jumping!

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