Friday, October 9, 2009

Madison Goes to the Farm

How thrilled does my child look to be sitting on a bail of hay and holding a pumpkin?  She was far more thrilled with the horses behind her.  As soon as we drove on to this farm she was screaming "neigh, neIGH, NEIGH!!!!!"  She just got a little people farm and she has learned all of the animal sounds.  She got lots of practice today.

Madison and her buddies, Ella and Holland.

Before loading up on the tractor we got to measure the girls.  

I didn't take my zoom lens so I could back up quite far enough.. but you get the idea.  Madison and Ella on the tractor checking out all the animals.

We stopped to see sheep, goats, ducks, and chickens.  Madison was screaming "QUACK QUACK!"  She really does love animals... but other than dogs she's a looker not a toucher right now.  Amy and Ella.. and Madison taking up residence with Amy's legs!!

The owner of the farm and our driver and tour guide!

The farm was so pretty!  However, it was not a pretty day.. overcast. 

And HOW CUTE is this BOO! shirt??  You can find it here...

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