Thursday, November 19, 2009

19 Months Old

(A little blurry, but the best I could do this morning before school!)

I had not planned to document Madison turning 19 months old.  I had decided to do 18 months and then 2 years.  However, she has had such a month of growth!!

This month has been all about "Da DEE."  She is a daddy's girl.  I'm sure this is a phase and she will prefer me once again (hee hee), but Jason is loving it.  I must admit it's really sweet and makes my heart swell.

She adds a new word to her vocabulary daily.  I'm always surprised when she says something new.  For example, she pointed to a picture of a potty last night in one of her books and said.. well... "Pot-TEE."  It's so exciting as her mom to watch this language explosion even if it is the word potty!  My favorite word or sound she uses these days is.. "ummmmm."  I'll ask her if she wants this or that and with a deep concentrating look on her face she say "ummmm" and then let me know what she wants.  SO CUTE!

Madison and I have two big frustrations daily.  One is that she HATES to have her diaper changed.  She doesn't mind a dirty diaper.  You can tell her "phew Madison... you stink" until the cows come home and she doesn't care.  You want to see my child run?  Tell her you're going to change her diaper.  Once you do catch up with her she'll put out her hand and say "MINE."  This translates to "don't touch me!" 

The second challenge is the car seat.  I can get her in, but boy I have a hard time getting her out!  When I pull in to the garage she will only let me get her out if I leave the garage door open.  This means she can go outside.. which she loves.  If we get home right before nap time I don't want to trick her to get her out of her seat so I shut the garage and tell her it's nap time.  I lean back to get her and she swats my hand and says... "MINE."  I always dread when it's time to get her out of her seat!

She's become independent.  She does NOT like me to feed her.  She wants to do it herself and with a utensil!  So frustrating and messy, but I know it's important.  She loves to fake blow her nose or wipe her face just so she can have a piece of toilet paper to throw in the toilet and flush!  

Madison LOVES the duck Pop made for her.  I leave it downstairs because of the hardwood floors and it's the first toy she goes for daily.

Well we are proud to brag on Madison's Pop.  He is doing a wonderful thing with the Greenville Woodworkers Guild.  He is not speaking in this piece, however, there are a few shots of him fast at work!

ONE FINAL THING!!!  Yes.. Madison is a Daddy's girl.  She has missed her daddy terribly over the past two weeks and so have I.  Jason has been working hard in Asia.  He has traveled many miles over many long hours to three different cities there.  He is due home and we are ecstatic.

Here he is in Shanghai a few days ago.  I laugh when I see this picture because he said he was stopped three different times to have his picture made with locals.  He wasn't really sure why....

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