Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm a planner.... I like to be prepared. The thought never crossed my mind to wait until my baby was born to find out the sex.  I knew with Madison at my 20 week ultrasound that she was a girl!  Right after I delivered Madison the room was really quiet except for her sweet cries... I looked over at Jason and the nurse while they were weighing her and I said.. "It is a girl... right???" My doctor assured me that Madison was indeed a girl!  Not that I would have been disappointed with a boy it's just by this point everything we owned was a shade of pink! 

Shortly after I found out I was pregnant with baby number two I was reading Parents magazine.  They had a little blurb about two (unheard of for me) ways to find out if you are having a boy or a girl.  One was a $150 test you send off to a lab.  (I can't remember the details because I knew I wasn't going to do it.)  The second was this little at home test you can do for around $30.  The craziest part is that you can buy the test at a drugstore or Target.  The test can be performed as early as 10 weeks and the accuracy rate is 80 - 90 %.

After reading a ton of reviews on-line I found that rate seems to be inflated.  A lot of reviews said that the test was wrong for them.  I bought the test anyway!  Jason and I are praying for a healthy baby.  We would be equally thrilled with a boy or a girl.  I am relying solely on the ultrasound we have scheduled for 18 weeks to start my planning.  This is JUST FOR FUN!  I promised I would share the results with my friends so that is why I'm posting!

I plan to try it soon... !  (If you have done this test.. let me know if it worked for you!)

P.S.  In case you are curious.. or care.. I think it's a boy.  I can't really say why other than Madison tells me so.  If you ask her if she wants a sister or a brother she always says "brudder."  Even if I change the order up on her.. "Madison do you want a brother or a sister.."  She responds "brudder" very firmly.   If you say "Madison, do you think the baby is a boy or a girl?"  She will say "boy" to the best of her ability every time.  It's quite comical especially since she is 18 months and I don't think she has any idea what I'm talking about!   

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