Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gone, Christmas Eve, and Christmas!

We've been gone to Texas searching for a home!  We were successful and bought the first house we saw.  Don't worry... we toured a million more homes just to make sure, but I knew this was "the one."  We arrived late after traveling all day and still tried to keep our appointment to tour three brand new homes that same evening.  We went to this house first because it did not yet have power.  It was pretty dark inside, but as soon as I walked through the front door I looked at Jason and whispered "SOLD."

We returned home just a few days before Christmas.  We left Madison for FIVE DAYS safely with her Nana and Pop.   

Since we were responsible for Christmas Eve dinner and went out of town last minute we went to church and ate out.  We were about the only ones in the restaurant and joked that we were like the family on A Christmas Story.  HEE  HEE.  We took some photos in front of the restaurant's Christmas tree.  My sister-n-law has the whole family on her camera. 

We tried to get a photo of the three kids.  I forgot to switch out my lens to have a zoom.  So Jason was unable to back up quick enough to get all kids in the frame.  I'm hoping Lori got a good shot.  Poor Parker.. he's only in the photos because his big brother, Alston, is holding tightly onto his clothing.  Can you tell Alston has had practice at this?  A perfect smile while holding fiercely onto Parker!  Madison stood there hamming it up saying "cheeeese!"

After we put Madison to bed, Jason had this to contend with... her play kitchen.

Just a few hours later... Voila!

Madison is going to be such a good big sister...

All that mothering can wear a girl out!...

There were several gifts under the tree for her baby brother.  He got a soft blanket and Madison immediately wanted her lovey.. this is her sign for "lovey."  (She also rocks her head back and forth).

Next we moved on over to Lori's house.  Jason's parents were already there.  Madison gave Parker this Elmo toy.. She decided that he needed to be shown how to properly use it.

He did NOT agree...

Dessert on Christmas day at Lori's house is a birthday cake for Baby Jesus.  I think we may have to adopt this tradition when we aren't with them.

Lori gave Madison a cardboard box for Christmas (in addition to other things!).... and it's a favorite!

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