Thursday, December 17, 2009

Center Stage

Oh y'all! My child was a hoot in her Christmas program this morning. I swear she was meant for center stage! Is it just me are all eyes on her? HEE HEE! She sat up there the whole program. I was totally expecting her to spot me and Jason in the audience and make a break. I can't tell you how many times I looked over at Jason and said.. "that is our child"... referring to the one yelling in an attempt to sing and saying.. "MAAAAMMMMMMA.... DA DEEEE!"

After the program finished I stood up and waved at her.. she started screaming and kicking her legs with excitement. We put her in front of the tree and took a few photos.

Next we headed back to her classroom to wish all her friends a Merry Christmas!

Madison and her teacher, Mrs. Austin.

Madison's gift from Mrs. Austin...

looks beautiful on her tree at home!

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