Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 1st

Well I couldn't let December 1st go by without dressing Madison in one of her Christmas outfits....

She kept calling the berries on the holly bush "apples." 

This is Madison's "aggravated look" so I stopped taking photos there!

I spent yesterday getting the Christmas tree up.  This was our first real tree in six years of marriage.  I told Jason that when we had kids I really wanted to do a real tree.  I had NO IDEA the extra work in getting it up.  I'm a neat freak and I about had three aneurysms with the sap and pine needles strewn across my living room.  After we FINALLY got it up and cute about half a foot off the top so it would fit I began my work of putting the lights on.  I like a lot of lights so I wrap just about every branch.  I was covered in sap and my back was killing me when I was near the top and the lights went out.  I froze in pure disbelief.  So Jason stepped in and went to work.  He replaced a fuse and they came back on.  Just a few minutes later... poof.. they were out again.  This happened a total of six times.  I was screaming the whole time that I would throw the tree away before I would restring the lights!! 

In the end we still have our Christmas tree!!

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