Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby Boy's Nursery Bedding

I had a successful trip to Atlanta.  I was able to get curtains and our baby boy's bedding!  Here is a sneak peek!!  This is a sample piece for the bumper.  I sent it to my husband via my cell and he complimented the "nice pillow."  I had to explain that it was the bumper. :)  It will take a few months for it to come in and I can't wait.  It was so weird to give them my new address in Texas.

Jason sent me this photo while I was away.  Two things crack me up aside from that HUGE smile on Madison's face!

1.  My husbands beard  (he grew that in a just a few days.. that takes talent)
2.  Madison's hair! 

When I got home today I got her up early from her nap.. I couldn't stand it. I was dying to see her.

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