Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear House Hunter..

Dear House Hunter,

I received a call on Friday that you would be touring our home with your realtor this past Sunday.  My husband and I jumped into action cleaning the house and making it perfect for your arrival.  I even got on my hands and knees and scrubbed several scuff marks off my new hardwood floors just to make them perfect for you.  On Saturday I sent Jason to the grocery store to buy fresh flowers while I stayed at home with my feverish toddler.  I spent a lot of time arranging the white daisies just for you.  On Sunday morning we lit candles, made sure ALL of the laundry was washed, folded, and put away.  We went around the house straightening pictures and I fluffed pillows just for you.  You were due at our home at 12:15.  That is around the time Madison is usually finishing up lunch and getting ready for her nap.  So we blew out the yummy smelling candles, turned on lights, opened blinds, put on a little background music, and kenneled our dogs in the cold, cold garage.  We took our tired, sick baby out to eat so you could tour our home in peace. 

We arrived home 30 minutes early because Madison was so fussy and tired.  We were hopeful that you had already come and gone.  Jason pulled in to the driveway and sent me inside to investigate.  (He knows I'm very picky about my house and can tell if someone has been inside.)  I ran around the house while he sat in the driveway with our cranky child.  NOTHING... I didn't see one thing out of place.  So I went back to the car shaking my head and Jason took a turn.  Our poor cold dogs were shivering and howling in their kennels since we had the garage door open all this time.  Jason returned to the car only to close the garage and pull into our neighbor's driveway.  We sat there for 20 more minute in hopes that you were just running late. 

At exactly 1:15 Jason drove back across the street and we resumed life.  I put Madison to bed over tired and not feeling well.  She woke up inconsolable 30 minutes later.  When it was all said and done she only slept a terrible hour. 

I just had this feeling you had not come.  My feelings were confirmed when we heard from your realtor that y'all did a drive by because you wanted a "more established neighborhood." 

Well.. you shouldn't judge a book by its cover or a neighborhood by its trees.  Next time.. just go in and take a look around.  It will make the home owner feel like their work was partially appreciated.


Home Owner

When we toured homes in Texas I went in all of them.  I didn't feel sorry for the home owners that had an empty home even though they probably needed it sold the most.  I felt sorry for the ones that had cleaned and lit candles.  Those that had to evacuate their families so I could take a look only to decide that their home wasn't for me.  BUT at least their work was not in vain.  I took a look and appreciated their nice clean home.

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