Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Flight

Our first flight went very smooth.  Jason helped the two of us get checked in.  The beauty of a small airport is that we were the only ones at the Delta counter checking in.  We were also the only ones going through security.  I had lots of help from the security workers.  I not only had to take my shoes off, but Madison's shoes and sweater.  I also had to put her stroller through the scanner.  I'm also visibly pregnant and probably looked pretty pitiful trying to handle all of that.  They were very nice especially expediting "Melmo" through the scanner!

We had a small 10 minute delay due to fog in Atlanta, but thank goodness it wasn't longer than that.  I made it clear to Madison that she was not getting out of her stroller and once she realized that was how it was going to be she relaxed. 

As soon as we got in our seats I started snapping photos of Madison on our tiny plane.

A really nice man sitting in front of us asked me if this was her first flight and he offered to take our picture...  Madison loves to say "cheese" these days!

I also made it VERY clear that she would not be getting up from her seat.  I belted her in and I think she must have felt like she was in the car.  She entertained herself by sprinkling milk on the tray and wiping it around.  (I was not loving this... but it kept her happy!)

She did a wonderful job.  I didn't even have to pull out the DVD player.  I'm saving that for our much longer flight to Texas. 

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