Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Hate Goodbyes

This household has been very busy saying our goodbyes.  Everything we have been doing over the last week has been our last here in North Carolina.  There have been a lot of tears for me.  Madison doesn't quite get it, but I know she will still ask for her buddies once we move. 

I got together with some of my girlfriends this past weekend for a tea at the O'Henry Hotel. 

I was just having a wonderful time laughing and cutting up.  Then they gave me a gift.  I thought nothing of it other than.. "oh how sweet.." and proceeded to open it up. 

Inside was this....

I LOST IT!  I never in a million years expected anything that would make me cry.  When I left Georgia after living there my entire 25 years to marry Jason and move to Texas I was not sad.  I was so thrilled to move and start my new life with him.  When we found out we were leaving Texas to move here I was not sad either.  I had not lived in Texas very long and sure I liked it, but I was excited to move back closer to home.  However, I have found leaving NC to be very difficult.  I think it's all about Madison.  Jason and I started our family here.  Not only am I leaving some wonderful friends, but I am leaving all of these babies that have become a part of our world!  I KNOW there are some great things waiting on us in Texas.  I know there is a plan and we are meant to be there.  BUT this new adventure does not begin without a few tears while getting there!

My friend Katie put together this little collage of pictures she has taken over the past year and a half.  This too made me cry!

I truly believe that people are placed in your life at certain times for certain reasons.  We have been so blessed by all of our friends. 

Friday is the big day.  Madison and I will fly to Georgia to stay with family while Jason drives out to Texas with his dad and our two dogs.  I am already praying that they will have a safe drive because I'll tell you what... the worst experience I have ever had in a car was driving here from Texas.  It was the middle of July and it was HOT.  Abbey, the beagle, did fine.  Charli, the wonder mutt, did not.  Our drive went something like this for 21 straight hours...

Charli - barking hysterically while vibrating her entire kennel behind my seat.
Me - "Maybe she has to go to the bathroom?"
Jason - "She does NOT have to go to the bathroom.. she's just mad"
Charli - more barking
Me - "Pull over.. I know she has to go!"
Jason - He pulls over, gets Charli out of the car, puts on her leash and....nothing!

It was awful! 

I am also praying that me and Madison have a safe trip and good stay in GA. I'm looking foward to some family time.  I am staying with my younger brother for the first few days.  I told him that I would need a pack-n-play for Madison to sleep in.  I asked him if he had any friends with kids that he could borrow one from.  He thought really hard and then gave me a firm "no."  He then said.. "can't she just sleep in the bed?"  I was like "ummm... no."  So then he said..."can you just strap her in the carseat, put it in the room, and shut the door?"  I'm laughing even as I'm typing this conversation.  (For the record, he is a fantastic uncle and no he doesn't have his own kids yet!)

I'll try and keep you up to date on this crazy adventure over the next few weeks!

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