Sunday, January 3, 2010


Madison's room does not hold heat well at all.  I always run in her room to check on her before I head off to bed.  Lately I've had to leave her door open to help it get more heat since we are having this crazy cold stretch.  All of her pajamas or "night-nights" as she calls them are cotton.  So we headed to Carter's this afternoon to pick up a few fleece pajamas.  Lucky for us they were on sale for $5.99!  They hardly had any 24M because according to the sales lady they are so close in size they only order a few.  I didn't believe her because when I held up a 2T I swore they would never fit my baby!!!  She grabbed a boy's 24M and proved to me that they were indeed very close.  So here is my baby in her 2T.  (I guess she can wear them next winter too...!)  OH.. and she also has a onesie and socks on under the sleeper!  She was a little under the weather over the weekend.. (103.4 temp to be exact) and I just didn't want to take any chances with her getting cold.

P.S. She is REALLY in to "backpacks" these days.  I was pulling out my camera and she grabbed our point and shoot camera case.  I really could have lived without that in my pajama shots.. but she was not having it.

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