Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Mack

My brother Mack (yes.. the same one that suggested she be strapped in her carseat to sleep) is called "My Mack" by his nieces and nephews.  He is the greatest in their eyes and the name seems to fit because they all think of him as their very own.  Madison thinks he hung the moon.

so does his dog...

Madison is glued to Mack.  He is that uncle that loves to wrestle with the kids on the floor. He is very patient and sweet.  We are very lucky to have him!  We stayed at Caitlin's (my sister-n-law's) parents house this past weekend.  I think I mentioned that Caitlin is the little sister of my college roommate.  So I've known Caitlin since she was 13 and her family since I was 18.  They are like my own and we had a wonderful time there.  I made Mendy, my college roommate, take all the photos over the weekend.  When she sends them to me I'll post.

I did take a few pictures while out to dinner celebrating a family member's birthday.

That is Mack seated next to Madison.  What I love most about this picture is his shirt sleeve.  Notice the stains??  She loves to keep one hand on him... at all times.... chocolate cake fingers or not.  I started apologizing like crazy .. I swear any other guy would be irritated, but Mack just told me it was an old shirt anyway...

and my favorite picture of the time at Mack's house....

She MADE him sit in her booster and put the tray on.. as best he could.  She's so proud of herself.  If she walked off and he started to get up she would turn around and give him a firm finger directing him back to his seat.  It was hysterical! 

Thank you My Mack and Caity for having us!

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