Wednesday, February 10, 2010

27 Weeks...

tomorrow! I keep meaning to take a picture of my belly. However, when Jason's around it just never seems to happen. So this morning I did a self portriat. It was either that or there would be no documentation of this baby!

WHOA.. seeing myself puts a whole new perspective on the situation. This sweater is stretched a whole lot further than at this point in my pregnancy with Madison! I read in "What to Expect When You're Expecting" that there is proof that women carrying boys tend to eat more and deliver heavier babies than with girls... That kinda made me feel better because I have an insatiable appetite!

What's that behind me? The white boxes are a new water softener. Apparently a must have where we live. (I must say I agree with all the white spots in my shower and sinks.) I have also put cloth diapering on hold until it's installed. Oh.. not the white boxes? You mean through the double doors?

That would be our dumping grounds

I am so excited. I found a preschool that had an opening for Madison. I searched the web, called around, and took a few tours until I finally found one that had an opening. She started this morning. She's in a two year old class. Hopefully, she'll learn good things from older kids. I dressed her with Valentine's Day in mind. I can't believe how much she has grown since last year...

This photo cracks me up because I had no idea until I uploaded it that she was dripping Kefir (aka liquid yogurt). I couldn't figure out why the dogs were following us around and licking the floor either.


She's eating 1/2 a peppermint. She calls all hardish candy "Tic Tacs."

I bought this top last year. It's a 12-18 months. I bought the leggings in a 12-18 (seen below) and in a 18-24.. which she is currently wearing. It was a dress last year and a top this year. I try to think ahead!

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