Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be Mine!

Once again this year I dressed Madison in red and pink as much as I could for the week. This was the outfit she wore in her infamous Santa photo. (She should be in a toothpaste commercial!)

We tried out a new church this morning with new friends!  Madsion looked pretty in pink to see her new friend, Alex.

We had to change into something a bit more comfortable for the afternoon.  This is probably the third time she's worn this outfit this week.  (I bought the top on Etsy and the pants are from Mini Boden, one of my favorite baby stores.)

We spent the afternoon decorating cookies.  While Madison took a nap I prepared them.  I used this recipe off of Kelly's Recipe Blog.


Madison LOVED the sprinkles WAY more than the cookies or icing. 

However, if there were any stuck on her hand she wanted her daddy to wipe it off.


It was tough to end this project.. she did not want to stop.  There were only so many sprinkles in a shaker!  If we tried to take any of the shakers away she had a fit.  When she wasn't looking Jason slowly took them away one by one until she was down to this one and realized something was terribly wrong!

This afternoon while I was baking cookies Jason ran to one of our new favorite stores.. IKEA.  He bought a bed for our guest room.  Madison's Nana and Pop will be here for a visit Thursday so we needed to get a bed ready for them!  To entice her off the stool we told her she could help daddy with another project upstairs.

They had to break for a boo boo kiss.

My favorite!

I'll show an "after" of the room once it's finished.  We had a wonderful, but very busy Valentine's Day!  Madison's gift is tickets to see Elmo live on Friday!  I'm so excited to take her.

P.S.  Happy Birthday Doonie!  (My mom turned 50 yesterday).  Dad surprised her with a trip to New Mexico.  They are there now.. I wish I had photos of her on the trip, but she sent this one of dad... Looks like fun.  I would LOVE to be skiing!

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