Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rainy Day Valentine Crafts AND the Kitchen Sink.. Again!

I had to pick up a few things at Hobby Lobby a few days ago and they had all of their Valentine items 50% off.  I figured Madison would love to make a card for her dad.

I asked her to hold up her card when she finished.. to my surprise and delight.. she did!  (Daddy.. here is a sneek peak at your card).  By the way, we used glitter to write on the inside.  No photos of this because glitter + 21 month old = disaster.  It will be a LONG LONG time before glitter is EVER pulled out in this house again.

I took craft ink and stamped her hands.  I think I'm going to cut them out and use them on her Valentine's Day scrapbook pages.

After all that crafting she needed a bath.  Her hands were several shades of pink and red.  I started with sitting her on the counter and washing her hands and she was having so much fun the next thing I knew she was stripped down and in the sink.  She played and I cleaned up! 

I can hear her laughter just by looking at the second photo...

My New Favorite...

Her days in the sink are numbered... poor baby.

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