Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unpacking, Decorating, etc.

We've been doing a whole lotta this...

I have emptied so many boxes!  Madison has been very helpful especially when she takes long naps.  :)

I'm finally getting around to some of the decorating.  Today we hung curtains in the master.  (Okay.. Jason did most of the hanging.  He's a little annoyed at my picture taking.  He's asking me to hand him something here.. )

Meanwhile Madison and I goofed around on the floor.  Nana and Pop sent her a Valentine's Day care package.  She's showing off her conversation hearts.  (Madison and I are BOTH enjoying the goodies!)

Helping daddy...

She is posing more and more for the camera.. she loves to say "CHEESE!!"

She spotted herself in my mirror yet to be hung.  I just love these.  It almost looks like she has a twin except for the fingerprints and kiss marks on the mirror.

NOW.. for the curtains...

I hope to one day replace my dining room chairs with BIG SOFT CUSHY white chairs!  I also want to replace the table cloth with something that coordinates a little better.  I plan to pick out some fabric and whip it up myself.  Hopefully I can accomplish it before Baby Boy G arrives.

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