Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We picked the right neighborhood!

Last Sunday our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt and petting farm for the kids.  We loaded up Madison in the wagon and headed to the community center.

They started the egg hunt at 3:30.  We arrived fashionably late due to Madison's nap so we missed the actual hunt.  We jumped right in line to get a balloon from Kiwi the clown.

Kiwi asked Madsion what type of balloon she wanted.. (this lady could make ANYTHING!)  Madison thought for just a moment and said... "MOOOOO!!"  Everybody in line behind us started laughing.  I wasn't sure if she could whip out a cow..

Madison patiently waiting in her happy place (i.e. thumb in mouth).

Madison very pleased with her cow!

Once Madison noticed the petting farm there was no stopping her.  She was screaming and running with excitement!

She REALLY wanted to hold this pig!!  (They were CUTE.. but they squealed like you wouldn't believe!)

She wanted to look, but not touch most animals.  (I love love love this photo!)

We had a great time!  We met a lot of new neighbors and were thrilled that there are so many kids!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hunting Eggs

Madison was invited by some new friends to an Easter Egg Hunt.  First up.. what to wear??  This is Madison's Easter dress from last year.  I just put a casual shirt underneath and added some Old Navy pants and we were good to go!  A quick photo before leaving the house...

I didn't even need to explain to Madison what to do.. she ran out the door and just started gathering eggs.  She was only supposed to get a certain number so I walked behind her and threw eggs out after she picked them up! 

She did not hesitate to open them up and eat the goodies inside!

We all wanted to get a group shot of the kids.. I swear my child always has drama!

Notice both girls looking at him! 

Not again!


I opened another egg for her and she got over it pretty quickly!  We had a great time with our new friends!  THANKS!!!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's really no big deal.. or is it?

I have to post about this because it's really gotten out of control.  I have been struggling with whether or not to put Madison in preschool for two days or three days in the fall.  If you have ever come in to contact with me you have surely heard about it.  I get anyone's opinion that will stand around long enough for me to ask it.  My husband, my sister, my sister-n-law, my step-mom, my new mom friends here, my old mom friends, my non-mom friends, people I met in a playgroup for the first time yesterday, a random pregnant lady taking her 3 year old into preschool, Madison's teacher, the lady waxing my eyebrows this morning...I think you get the idea.  I'm not good at making decisions and I've realized I'm really really not good at making decisions under pressure. 

Preschools fill up FAST here.. they have lotteries!  So I decided to keep her in two days a week.  She will be two years old which equals two days... good, done.  Then I think.. whoa.. I'm having another baby.  It's going to be way too hard.. she needs to go three.  So I e-mail the school and said "if I want to add another day is that possible?"  They let me know that it was... but then I e-mailed her back and told her that no.. "I'm good with two days."  After all.. I'm a stay at home mom and that is my job.  BUT then I keep talking to people and I keep hearing that it's really really hard especially at the beginning with a new baby.. so then, I go into the preschool office and switch her to three days.  This will be good for her too.  She'll have structured play.  She won't be board to tears sitting at home watching me breastfeed.  "No problem Shelby, we have three spots left."  Whew... okay good.. three days.

Well I can't stop asking opinions and I just can't seem to stop thinking about it.  It's just so hard to make a decision for a future situation.  Madison is going to grow up so fast and will be in school full-time soon enough.  I decide for myself that I just don't want her gone that much and hey.. she can help me entertain the baby!  Yes... great.. I want her back to two days.  So I decided this morning that before I embarrass myself (again) I wanted to make sure that they still even have availabilty in the two day program.  I don't want to waltz in there demanding to put her back to two days only for them to tell me they don't have the space anyway. 

So I do what any normal person would do.. I call my friend, Mendy, and I make her call the school to check.  She calls me crazy, but said she would do it.  Just a few minutes later she calls me back to let me know that they do have a spot left.  She then added that they asked for her name and she gave it to them.. "Um Mendy.. you should have given them an alias.. that is what any sane person would have done."  She pointed out that her Georgia area code probably showed up on caller ID and that they may have been on to her anyway.. we just laughed.

So I marched in there this afternoon with my tail tucked and just laid it out.  "Y'all are going to think I'm crazy, but I want to switch her back to two days."  ... "Oh no.. we don't think you're crazy.." (I'm sure there was a chuckle under her breath...)  Let me check in to it and we'll call you. 

So that is where I stand.. waiting on a call.  They are probably waiting to make sure that "Mendy" girl doesn't want the spot!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I hate it.  If you know me then you know I don't do well with it.  It happened again last night.  More change.  For some reason I decided last night was the night to have Madison sleep in her big girl room.  It's not yet finished, but I decided that my due day was approaching too quickly and I need to get the baby's room ready.  It was Jason's night to put her to bed.  Jason laid down with her for a little while and then left the room.  She cried and screamed for a few minutes and then... silence.  I went up later to check on her and as I passed her empty nursey.  It hit me.  I cried.  My baby girl was not in her crib.  It's a big big deal.  I walked down to her new room and walked right over to her bed.  She was laying accross the top against the wall.  The bed just swallowed her up.  She's still a baby and that bed is just too big!  I moved her to the center and watched her for a few more minutes and left the room.  It was hard to walk back by her empty nursery again.  However, I know in just a few short months it will be filled again with our baby boy.

I woke up thirty minutes early this morning to make sure I was ready to RUN in when she said my name.  I wasn't quite sure if she would attempt to get out of the bed or just hang out until I went in to get her.  I wanted to be ready.  I didn't hear from her and decided to go in at her normal wake time.  There she was sitting happily, still in her bed, like she belonged there. 

Getting down herself.  Her bed is high because her bedskirt has a 21" drop.  Please excuse the mess in the background.. I actually knocked the other bed over last night...don't ask.

Picture Update:  So I asked Madison's teacher this morning about the motorcycle photos. 

Me:  "So.. um.. did all the kids get to pose on the motorcycle?" 
Teacher (snickering):  "We never know what those picture people are going to show up with until they get here"
Me:  "Was that the only set?"
Teacher:  "Oh.. I guess Madison didn't do well with the other set.  "Here was the other one." (She showed me a bench with flowers).  "Some kids wouldn't sit on the bench and or motorcycle."
Me:  "My husband and I couldn't stop laughing over the motorcycle."
Teacher:  "OHH... did they put the pink bandana on her?"
Me: "WHAT?" (they had more props than just the leather jacket and sunglasses!) .....  "They probably didn't want to mess up her bow"... HEE HEE (I can't believe I said that.. I carried a watermelon?)

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ummmm....... What Happened?!!

I picked Madison up from school today and lying there with her lunch box were the school photo proofs from traffic cone day.  No explanation from the teachers just a simple packet left on the table.  I grabbed Madison after having a brief discussion about her day and left.  I buckled Madison into her carseat after fighting her for my car keys, climbed into the front seat and proceeded to flip through the proofs. 

Here is what I found...

BUT WAIT... it gets so much better!

Is this what I get for dressing her in jeans that day?  I mean were they putting girls in dresses on this motorcycle?  They could not have mistaken my girly girl in a T-shirt and jeans for a boy and put her on the wrong photo set??!!.. I assume the coordinating orange bow would have clued them in that she was in fact a girl.  I intend to find out Wednesday if every girl was given a leather jacket and sunglasses and put on a motorcycle?!!  What really had me laughing hysterically was the fact that her lovey is in her lap!  There is not one photo proof of her smiling.. it's more that same look of "seriously.. you want me to sit on this bike?"

(I did not have a class photo included in my proof packet.  I'll have to find out what happened!)

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My REALLY good friend Amy came to visit last week from NC.  Thankfully, her mom lives in Dallas.  Amy came to stay with her mom for a week and made the three hour drive down with Ella to visit me and Madison.

Amy is due with baby number 2 just three weeks after me!

After the park we took the girls to Chick-fil-A.  Madison and Ella climbed all the way up in the play area.  We told the girls to come down because our pregnant-selves did not want to go up after them.  Madison started her decent, but Ella did not.  So we told Madison to show Ella how to come down.  Madison proceeded to push her.. I really should have known better.  Thankfully, Ella did not come flying down the stairs...

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Madison's shirt is from this Etsy seller.. I also bought her Valentine's day shirt from her as well.  She has super cute stuff!

Today...  (chin scratch = pool accident)

and last year....

How do they grow so much in just one year?

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HEB Sucker

What would this week be without a picture of Madison in her carseat??  I have company coming today and I needed to run to the grocery store.  I waited until the LAST possible time to go and of course it's just pouring today!  Well no grocery store trip is complete without a balloon.  Our Harris Teeter in NC gave just balloons, but the HEB here in Texas attach a sucker at the bottom (which I hate!).  Madison knows it's there and I cannot deny her the sucker.  I laughed out loud as I pulled into my drive way and looked back at Madison... yes, I am that anal to put a bib on her while she eats a sucker!  Doesn't she just make you giggle out loud?!

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Friday, March 12, 2010


I've been meaning to post Elmo for a while.  My photos turned out horrible b/c we couldn't really use the flash in there.  We were lucky enough to have Jason's parents go with us to see Elmo.  I think we all really enjoyed watching Madison's excitement.

They had the "toy stand" right by our seats.  We got there pretty early so I told Jason he HAD to go get her the spinny thing all the kids were carrying around.  He went up there with her and looked back at me and held up one finger on one hand and 5 fingers on the other.  I looked at him and gave him this "SO WHAT" look.  I thought he was telling me it was $6, but he was trying to convey the CRAZY price of $15!!!  But hey.. who says you can't buy happiness?

She wanted to stay right in this spot before the show started....

We were so close to the stage.  She was beside herself excited... she screamed and waved and screamed "MELMO" and "ABBY DABBY!"  I don't think I watched a second of the show.  I only watched her little face.

Madison's view...  (this pic of Cookie Monster absolutely cracks me up!!)

"Melmo" spinny toy = $15
"Melmo" balloon purchased at intermission = $10 (CRAZY!!!)
Madison's smile that day = Priceless

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

31 Weeks and My Foyer...

It's been a month since I documented my belly at 27 weeks.  Once again Jason is unavailable so this is a self portrait.  I am brave and posted my bare belly.  Baby Boy G is thriving and I can't believe I only have 9 weeks to go.  I still have to finish Madison's big girl room and I haven't even begun on this baby's room.  Not to mention I need to get Madison sleeping in a big bed.  Yikes!  She loves to play in it, but I'm not sure how either of us will actually feel about her sleeping in it.  All I know is the clock is ticking and I've got to get on it.

We have this little nook by our stairs.  I wasn't sure what to do with it.  My mom was here this past weekend and we found this bench at TJ Maxx.  (The closest Home Goods is over an hour away.. what is a girl to do?)  I bought fabric to replace this strip, however once we got it in position we thought it looked great as is!  We bought the pillows at Pottery Barn.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to do all one color or keep the three different colors.

Across from this bench is another cut out in the foyer.  This was easy to fill with items I already owned.  The builder did a great job at centering the door bell. (HA HA!)  My dad and brother hung my gigantic mirror while they were here.  I assure you Jason is thrilled he didn't have to do it.  Our ceilings are really high and I'm not sure you can tell that from the photos. 

I'll post more as I finish.

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