Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I hate it.  If you know me then you know I don't do well with it.  It happened again last night.  More change.  For some reason I decided last night was the night to have Madison sleep in her big girl room.  It's not yet finished, but I decided that my due day was approaching too quickly and I need to get the baby's room ready.  It was Jason's night to put her to bed.  Jason laid down with her for a little while and then left the room.  She cried and screamed for a few minutes and then... silence.  I went up later to check on her and as I passed her empty nursey.  It hit me.  I cried.  My baby girl was not in her crib.  It's a big big deal.  I walked down to her new room and walked right over to her bed.  She was laying accross the top against the wall.  The bed just swallowed her up.  She's still a baby and that bed is just too big!  I moved her to the center and watched her for a few more minutes and left the room.  It was hard to walk back by her empty nursery again.  However, I know in just a few short months it will be filled again with our baby boy.

I woke up thirty minutes early this morning to make sure I was ready to RUN in when she said my name.  I wasn't quite sure if she would attempt to get out of the bed or just hang out until I went in to get her.  I wanted to be ready.  I didn't hear from her and decided to go in at her normal wake time.  There she was sitting happily, still in her bed, like she belonged there. 

Getting down herself.  Her bed is high because her bedskirt has a 21" drop.  Please excuse the mess in the background.. I actually knocked the other bed over last night...don't ask.

Picture Update:  So I asked Madison's teacher this morning about the motorcycle photos. 

Me:  "So.. um.. did all the kids get to pose on the motorcycle?" 
Teacher (snickering):  "We never know what those picture people are going to show up with until they get here"
Me:  "Was that the only set?"
Teacher:  "Oh.. I guess Madison didn't do well with the other set.  "Here was the other one." (She showed me a bench with flowers).  "Some kids wouldn't sit on the bench and or motorcycle."
Me:  "My husband and I couldn't stop laughing over the motorcycle."
Teacher:  "OHH... did they put the pink bandana on her?"
Me: "WHAT?" (they had more props than just the leather jacket and sunglasses!) .....  "They probably didn't want to mess up her bow"... HEE HEE (I can't believe I said that.. I carried a watermelon?)

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