Friday, March 12, 2010


I've been meaning to post Elmo for a while.  My photos turned out horrible b/c we couldn't really use the flash in there.  We were lucky enough to have Jason's parents go with us to see Elmo.  I think we all really enjoyed watching Madison's excitement.

They had the "toy stand" right by our seats.  We got there pretty early so I told Jason he HAD to go get her the spinny thing all the kids were carrying around.  He went up there with her and looked back at me and held up one finger on one hand and 5 fingers on the other.  I looked at him and gave him this "SO WHAT" look.  I thought he was telling me it was $6, but he was trying to convey the CRAZY price of $15!!!  But hey.. who says you can't buy happiness?

She wanted to stay right in this spot before the show started....

We were so close to the stage.  She was beside herself excited... she screamed and waved and screamed "MELMO" and "ABBY DABBY!"  I don't think I watched a second of the show.  I only watched her little face.

Madison's view...  (this pic of Cookie Monster absolutely cracks me up!!)

"Melmo" spinny toy = $15
"Melmo" balloon purchased at intermission = $10 (CRAZY!!!)
Madison's smile that day = Priceless

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