Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hunting Eggs

Madison was invited by some new friends to an Easter Egg Hunt.  First up.. what to wear??  This is Madison's Easter dress from last year.  I just put a casual shirt underneath and added some Old Navy pants and we were good to go!  A quick photo before leaving the house...

I didn't even need to explain to Madison what to do.. she ran out the door and just started gathering eggs.  She was only supposed to get a certain number so I walked behind her and threw eggs out after she picked them up! 

She did not hesitate to open them up and eat the goodies inside!

We all wanted to get a group shot of the kids.. I swear my child always has drama!

Notice both girls looking at him! 

Not again!


I opened another egg for her and she got over it pretty quickly!  We had a great time with our new friends!  THANKS!!!

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