Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's really no big deal.. or is it?

I have to post about this because it's really gotten out of control.  I have been struggling with whether or not to put Madison in preschool for two days or three days in the fall.  If you have ever come in to contact with me you have surely heard about it.  I get anyone's opinion that will stand around long enough for me to ask it.  My husband, my sister, my sister-n-law, my step-mom, my new mom friends here, my old mom friends, my non-mom friends, people I met in a playgroup for the first time yesterday, a random pregnant lady taking her 3 year old into preschool, Madison's teacher, the lady waxing my eyebrows this morning...I think you get the idea.  I'm not good at making decisions and I've realized I'm really really not good at making decisions under pressure. 

Preschools fill up FAST here.. they have lotteries!  So I decided to keep her in two days a week.  She will be two years old which equals two days... good, done.  Then I think.. whoa.. I'm having another baby.  It's going to be way too hard.. she needs to go three.  So I e-mail the school and said "if I want to add another day is that possible?"  They let me know that it was... but then I e-mailed her back and told her that no.. "I'm good with two days."  After all.. I'm a stay at home mom and that is my job.  BUT then I keep talking to people and I keep hearing that it's really really hard especially at the beginning with a new baby.. so then, I go into the preschool office and switch her to three days.  This will be good for her too.  She'll have structured play.  She won't be board to tears sitting at home watching me breastfeed.  "No problem Shelby, we have three spots left."  Whew... okay good.. three days.

Well I can't stop asking opinions and I just can't seem to stop thinking about it.  It's just so hard to make a decision for a future situation.  Madison is going to grow up so fast and will be in school full-time soon enough.  I decide for myself that I just don't want her gone that much and hey.. she can help me entertain the baby!  Yes... great.. I want her back to two days.  So I decided this morning that before I embarrass myself (again) I wanted to make sure that they still even have availabilty in the two day program.  I don't want to waltz in there demanding to put her back to two days only for them to tell me they don't have the space anyway. 

So I do what any normal person would do.. I call my friend, Mendy, and I make her call the school to check.  She calls me crazy, but said she would do it.  Just a few minutes later she calls me back to let me know that they do have a spot left.  She then added that they asked for her name and she gave it to them.. "Um Mendy.. you should have given them an alias.. that is what any sane person would have done."  She pointed out that her Georgia area code probably showed up on caller ID and that they may have been on to her anyway.. we just laughed.

So I marched in there this afternoon with my tail tucked and just laid it out.  "Y'all are going to think I'm crazy, but I want to switch her back to two days."  ... "Oh no.. we don't think you're crazy.." (I'm sure there was a chuckle under her breath...)  Let me check in to it and we'll call you. 

So that is where I stand.. waiting on a call.  They are probably waiting to make sure that "Mendy" girl doesn't want the spot!

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