Monday, March 22, 2010

Ummmm....... What Happened?!!

I picked Madison up from school today and lying there with her lunch box were the school photo proofs from traffic cone day.  No explanation from the teachers just a simple packet left on the table.  I grabbed Madison after having a brief discussion about her day and left.  I buckled Madison into her carseat after fighting her for my car keys, climbed into the front seat and proceeded to flip through the proofs. 

Here is what I found...

BUT WAIT... it gets so much better!

Is this what I get for dressing her in jeans that day?  I mean were they putting girls in dresses on this motorcycle?  They could not have mistaken my girly girl in a T-shirt and jeans for a boy and put her on the wrong photo set??!!.. I assume the coordinating orange bow would have clued them in that she was in fact a girl.  I intend to find out Wednesday if every girl was given a leather jacket and sunglasses and put on a motorcycle?!!  What really had me laughing hysterically was the fact that her lovey is in her lap!  There is not one photo proof of her smiling.. it's more that same look of "seriously.. you want me to sit on this bike?"

(I did not have a class photo included in my proof packet.  I'll have to find out what happened!)

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