Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We picked the right neighborhood!

Last Sunday our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt and petting farm for the kids.  We loaded up Madison in the wagon and headed to the community center.

They started the egg hunt at 3:30.  We arrived fashionably late due to Madison's nap so we missed the actual hunt.  We jumped right in line to get a balloon from Kiwi the clown.

Kiwi asked Madsion what type of balloon she wanted.. (this lady could make ANYTHING!)  Madison thought for just a moment and said... "MOOOOO!!"  Everybody in line behind us started laughing.  I wasn't sure if she could whip out a cow..

Madison patiently waiting in her happy place (i.e. thumb in mouth).

Madison very pleased with her cow!

Once Madison noticed the petting farm there was no stopping her.  She was screaming and running with excitement!

She REALLY wanted to hold this pig!!  (They were CUTE.. but they squealed like you wouldn't believe!)

She wanted to look, but not touch most animals.  (I love love love this photo!)

We had a great time!  We met a lot of new neighbors and were thrilled that there are so many kids!

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