Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rodeo Day

Madison's preschool has Rodeo Day every year.  Of course this was our first year to participate.  You were to dress your child in their best cowboy or cowgirl outfit.  I found this adorable outfit on Etsy.. and it's so cute she'll be wearing it a lot!  I took her outside before we left for some pictures.  She was in a GREAT mood!

I was screaming "giddy up" and she started doing just that.  It was HYSTERICAL!

Madison's teacher made one of these for each child and hung it outside the classroom. 

Have you ever read "Big Mama's" blog?  I have been reading it for quite a while.  She is really funny and I can always use a laugh.  Well the crazy thing is that the first post I ever read of hers was this one about making a shoebox float for her daughter.  I was living in NC at the time and didn't quite get the whole idea of a shoebox float.  Little did I know then that I would be moving to TX and be required to make one for my own child.  My TWO YEAR OLD CHILD!!!  The theme for her school was animals found in TX.  I covered the box and Madison did help by putting stickers on the top.  (You can't really see them though..)  Jason finished it off with the rope, fence, and a cactus.  It was cute to see him going to town with a hot glue gun.  We laughed about how much time we put in to this thing.. I'm sure this is just the first of many projects!

The parade.. Madison LOVES that cowboy.  She sleeps with him every night and I knew he never had a chance of staying on the box.

I thought this one was pretty funny.. "Texas ants.."  (I have a feeling that kid didn't do his own box either).

Madison crying for her daddy... (she was supposed to be singing about apples and bananas!)

Jason couldn't stand it and became part of the show.  Such a good daddy!

My lover of all animals!

I couldn't believe she sat still long enough to get her arm painted.

She was very proud of her ladybug! :)

Two weeks to go for baby number two!  I should have stood for the shot.. :)  I'm meeting a friend for a pedicure today and I have a hair appointment on Saturday.. after that he is free to come whenever!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Madison's Big Girl Room Revealed

I'm a little slow on getting these posted!  I love how her room turned out.  The paint really is not that florescent.. I turned on lamps trying to get more light.  I always dreamed my little girl's room would have twin beds.  I don't really know why, but that is what I envisioned and so I would hear of nothing else when the time came.  I'm still on the hunt for reasonably price upholstered headboards.

The green paint looks a lot more like what you can see in the below photo.  It's Benjamin Moore Wales Green.  I really wanted a chandelier for Madison's room, but with the Texas heat I settled on these Lilly Pulitzer poms poms to decorate her fan.  (I did unscrew the lightbulbs!!!)  You can't beat the price tag either... just $13 and I think they turned out oh so cute!

Photos from her 3 month and 1 year photo sessions!

I got the bedding and this art at the Mart in Atlanta.  I bought these as samples off the showroom floor.  I knew they would be perfect!  I really love the mirror frames.

I found the mirror on sale at Pier One and already owned the mirrored lamp I bought at Home Goods about 6 years ago!

I hung some butterflies I got for her birthday party at Hobby Lobby from the lamp.

This is a little hallway outside of her bedroom.  It leads into our playroom.  The perfect spot for her ballerina pictures and play kitchen.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Grateful for a bad day?

We decided a while ago that it was time for a new car.  We picked a few out and listed Jason's 12 year old car on Craig's List.  That site is amazing because it sold in one day.  However... YIKES.  The car we found was in Houston three hours away. Since we would not be trading Jason's car in that meant Madison and I (9 months pregnant) would have to accompany him on the three hour drive to get the new car home.  I had the day planned out.  We would leave at 7 a.m., drive 3 hours, test drive, negotiate, have lunch, and be on the road home by 1 p.m. 

Well I should know that nothing goes as planned.  Long story short Madison and I spent the ENTIRE day either in the car (at times she was hanging out the window or sun roof), walking a car lot, or finding some grubby toy area at the car dealership.  (At one point she started licking a toy.  I did the worst thing possible and told her to "get that out of your mouth"... SO she started licking every toy while staring at me with a half-smile.  I was so tired I just ignored it.)

At one point Madison and I had been sitting in the car for an hour and a half while Jason was negotiating with the second dealer.  I called him from the car when on the fourth attempt he finally picked up with a not so sweet "yes??"  I said can you give me an ETA... like is it going to be five more minutes or five more hours?  His response.. "I don't know.. and hung up"  UGGG.. It was the latter. 

Anyway, we were finally on the road home a little after four p.m.  Madison fell asleep with a goldfish cracker in her hand before we exited the parking lot.  And yes.. we had a new car.  (Believe me we weren't leaving without a car!)  I am grateful.

So now the real challenge begins.  I have to drive this new big, big car.  Jason's last words to me this morning as I lay in bed half asleep... "Bye, don't hit anything, and don't let Madison fall out of the car."  Really honey?.. I'm glad he has so much faith in my skills. 

It took me an extra long time to get out of the house this morning.  I had to pack juice, snacks, and diapers as normal and load Madison into the car.  For some reason she had to take her bath baby, 2 loveys, and the blanket from her bed.. and I don't use "HAD TO" lightly.  Once I got all of these things loaded in the car I realized I could not find my paper drivers license.  I just got my TX license and I'm still waiting on the real thing to arrive.  Jason cleaned out my old car last night and handed me a huge wad and told me to go through it.  So I did what I always do when he tells me to go through something.. I walked over to the herby curby and chunked it.  Well guess what was a disgusting mess in the very bottom of the herby curby (aside from me after looking for it...) my license.  Lovely. 

I climbed back in the car and turned it on.  At that very moment Madison said.. with a gasp.. "ABBEY!!!"  WHAT??  I looked over and my beagle was on the front lawn.. WTH?!  She is not a front lawn kind of dog.  So I jumped out of the car and as soon as she saw me she took off running... and so did I.. (Have I mentioned I'm nine months pregnant?)  I had to go back to the house for treats, but I eventually caught her...

Okay.. NOW.. I get in the car and put it in reverse.  I half expect to see men in orange vests with flags to be waving me out of my driveway.. or at the very least hear a "BEEP BEEP BEEP" as I back up.  I'm a bit nervous.. but I manage to get out the driveway.  At first I felt like I needed a special license to be driving the car, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.  It did take me three attempts to park in a spot at Target, but I managed to do it without hitting anything or Madison falling out of the car.  HA!

Here are photos from our car buying day.. My brother was taking a class in Atlanta for work and wanted me to keep him entertained.  So I took these with my cell phone and sent them to him.

Screwing up the radio settings....

Playing with whatever she could find.  It took us 15 minutes to find the garage door opener wedged between the seats when we got home...

Hanging out the sunroof (I wasn't kidding)... I thought for a moment this might be inappropriate to other people, but only for a moment because a happy toddler = a happy mamma.

Notice she has her seatbelt on.. she's all in to what I do these days...

check out the yellow water in that toy fish bowl.... yummmm

This went to the DVD player we brought, but did not work.  Try explaining to a 2 year old after you show her Elmo for 10 seconds that you can't get it back on.  That was about 20 minutes worth of crying on the drive down.  She was pretending this was a phone and sticking it in my ear.  We had a great time!!  :)

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Madison's School Party

I had a ton of left over cake pops from Madison's party.  I bought small sucker wrappers from Hobby Lobby and tied them up with a bow.  I decked Madison out in her party dress and we headed off to preschool this morning.  I left my camera with her teacher and she took some great photos for me today!  It puts a smile on my face to see her in action when I'm not around.

On the ride to school she kept saying "Happy" because she wanted me to sing "Happy Birthday" to her.

The star of the day doing the day of the week and weather report..


Cake time!

She's getting "Happy" sung to her.. again!

She's sleeping soundly... I can't wait to spend the rest of the day with my birthday girl!

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Madison's 2nd Birthday Bash!

Once again it all started with the dress!  I LOVE this color combination.. (I did her new room in these colors!)

I've been working on her polka dot themed party for weeks.  I could not get my mind to stop thinking up ideas!

I had the best time looking for things for the party favor bags.  Little toys, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and green m&m's made the cut.

Simple ribbon on vases go a long way!

Jason ran this morning and got her balloons filled.  It was all I could do to get them from her to decorate.  We did have one casualty!

Drinks!  Pink Lemonade, Orange Juie (or a Mimosa if you dared!), water, and juice boxes.

Once I put out the cake pops I made... Madison went missing.. hmmmm.. do you see her??

I am so mad that I never got a chance to take a photo of the table with all of the food on it.  I made, pinwheels, cheesy grits, ham and cheese souffle, blue cheese dip, cake pops, fruit salad, and croissants (I bought these).

Madison is just starting to get the idea of birthdays.  I asked her if she was ready for cake and she stood by the table saying "Happy!"  She was ready for us to sing to her.  So Jason scooped her up and we all sang.  She loved blowing out the candles with help of course!

The forecast for today was RAIN!  I bought a ton of balls for the backyard, but since it was not good weather we used our study.  (We have a ways to go on the decorating in this room!)  It turned out perfect.. the kids LOVED it!  There were a lot more balls and kids.  Some of the balls and kids escaped!

We also did a pinata.  Thankfully, I had purchased a pull string pinata.  We did this inside in the foyer.  The kids had fun pulling the strings and when nothing came out after the last string was pulled we were all at a loss.. I mean last year we couldn't beat the thing enough and this year Jason had to pry it open as well.  The kids had fun and really didn't know any different!

She received lots of thoughtful gifts!

Madison missed her family, but knows she'll see them soon!

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