Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rodeo Day

Madison's preschool has Rodeo Day every year.  Of course this was our first year to participate.  You were to dress your child in their best cowboy or cowgirl outfit.  I found this adorable outfit on Etsy.. and it's so cute she'll be wearing it a lot!  I took her outside before we left for some pictures.  She was in a GREAT mood!

I was screaming "giddy up" and she started doing just that.  It was HYSTERICAL!

Madison's teacher made one of these for each child and hung it outside the classroom. 

Have you ever read "Big Mama's" blog?  I have been reading it for quite a while.  She is really funny and I can always use a laugh.  Well the crazy thing is that the first post I ever read of hers was this one about making a shoebox float for her daughter.  I was living in NC at the time and didn't quite get the whole idea of a shoebox float.  Little did I know then that I would be moving to TX and be required to make one for my own child.  My TWO YEAR OLD CHILD!!!  The theme for her school was animals found in TX.  I covered the box and Madison did help by putting stickers on the top.  (You can't really see them though..)  Jason finished it off with the rope, fence, and a cactus.  It was cute to see him going to town with a hot glue gun.  We laughed about how much time we put in to this thing.. I'm sure this is just the first of many projects!

The parade.. Madison LOVES that cowboy.  She sleeps with him every night and I knew he never had a chance of staying on the box.

I thought this one was pretty funny.. "Texas ants.."  (I have a feeling that kid didn't do his own box either).

Madison crying for her daddy... (she was supposed to be singing about apples and bananas!)

Jason couldn't stand it and became part of the show.  Such a good daddy!

My lover of all animals!

I couldn't believe she sat still long enough to get her arm painted.

She was very proud of her ladybug! :)

Two weeks to go for baby number two!  I should have stood for the shot.. :)  I'm meeting a friend for a pedicure today and I have a hair appointment on Saturday.. after that he is free to come whenever!

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