Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm such a stalker...

I was invited by my friend, Cassie, to attend MOPS with her this morning. I did MOPS in NC, but did not sign up for one when we moved here. She has invited me several times in the past, but I was not able to go for one reason or another. She titled her invitation e-mail to me "Big Mama." As soon as I saw the subject I was intrigued. I figured she was going to tell me how great she thought her blog was because I had recently mentioned her in a post. I opened the e-mail and about peed in my pants when I saw that she was going to be a speaker at her MOPS group.

The stars aligned and I was able to go. Jason is still home on paternity leave so he took Madison to school while I nursed Tyler. He flew back home to give me the car with car seats to go meet Cassie. I wanted to follow her to the church since I had no idea where I was going.

Cassie and I jumped in line to get breakfast and I glanced back and saw her walking in... I squealed and said OMG.. that's her. Cassie just giggled. Big Mama spoke on fashion.. and she looked oh so cute!

Toward the end of her speech I had to nurse Tyler. Big Mama (aka Melanie) finished up and stood around for a little while chatting with a few of the moms. I realized that she was about to exit. I quickly got myself somewhat put back together and started running for the door. I had a girl I just met following me so I could try and get a picture with her. I about tackled Big Mama at the elevator. Tyler spit up and I gushed.. she was so sweet. This photo cracks me up. I look a mess.. like I was running after a celebrity with a 12 day old in my arms which I guess is what I was doing! I'm loving the burp cloth on my shoulder and I swear my face is a little red from embarressment!

Don't worry!!  More Tyler only pics to come! ;) 

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