Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Madison's First Haircut

It's true.  She's two and has never had her hair cut.  I've been saying for a while now that it was time.  She has started to look like a rag-a-muffin.  Since I'm having this baby in two days (yes.. I'm being induced at 39 weeks) today was the day.

(Here is me and the baby about to ride up the elevator to my dr's appointment yesterday where we got the big news!)

And here is Madison's big haircut!

Before... looking a little rough.. :)  She was very happy to climb into the fire truck.  She kept saying "ride" for me to turn it on.  I'm not really sure why she is licking the steering wheel!

Happy as a clam with a tic tac (aka sucker) and Dora.

Looks so much smoother!!

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