Friday, June 4, 2010

I'd like to get back in bed and start today over...

During the past two years of Madison's life I have sat in a ton of MOMS and MOPS meetings listening to other moms who have been there... Those older and wiser moms talked about letting some things go.. that if your house was perfect, and all your laundry was done, and you always had a home cooked meal on the table then you weren't spending enough time with your kids.  They explained that it's okay if you don't get yourself fully dressed everyday and gave many tricks on how to get dinner on the table with babies pulling on your pants.  I sat there and giggled... "Man, I'm good at this mom thing.."  My house is usually in great shape, I manage to get myself dressed with no problem everyday, and my family has plenty of clean clothes.. life is good!  Well I have learned since the arrival of Tyler that all that time they were not talking to me.  "Me", the loving mother of one.  They were talking to the "new me," the loving mother of two.

This morning while I was ironing my pants with one hand and holding Tyler in the other I glanced up to see Madison on the kitchen table.  I told her to "get down."  Instead of getting down she stood up, smiled, and told me "NO" with a sideways glance that screamed "whatcha gonna do about it?!"  I put the baby and iron down, grabbed her off the table, and took her to time out.  After her time out I put her on my freshly ironed white pants and explained to her why she should not sit or stand on the kitchen table.  I then told her that she had a "SHOOOWEEE"  (that's what we call a poopie diaper) and laid her down to change it.  I yanked off her pajama pants and poop went flying everywhere.  All I could think at that moment was OMG my rug... I then glanced at myself and realized my pants were covered from where she had been sitting in my lap.  I carefully stood her up and placed her off my rug and on the tile.  I got up just as Tyler started to cry (it was time for him to eat).  I took Madison to my bathroom and took off her top and placed her in my tub.  She then slipped on her poop.. twice before I could even get the water on.  I took my pants off and jumped in the tub to wipe her down.  After I had her seated and clean water filling the tub I ran to get Tyler.  When I walked into the living room (if you get grossed out easily STOP READING!) and found Charli (the dog) licking her diaper clean.  I got the dogs out of the house and grabbed Tyler who was purple from screaming and ran back to the bathroom.  As I stood there pantless, nursing, and watching my toddler take a jacuzzi I wondered if I could just start over.

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