Saturday, June 26, 2010

If I...

...pass my neighborhood while driving home one more time I may just move to the next one on the street.

...attempt to use Madison's size 5 diapers on Tyler's size 1 bottom one more time he may just have to work it out.

...back my car out of the garage before the garage door is all the way up I may lose more than the back windshield wiper.

...go to pick up Madison at preschool (Tyler in his car seat on one arm, her backpack, lunch box, and art work in the other) and she lays down in the middle of the hallway so I can't pick her up or grab her hand to get her to the car in one piece I may just leave her there.

... don't figure out how to get Madison in her car seat without being swatted at and told to "go way" I may never leave the house again. in the middle of giving Madison a bath and she takes an entire cup of water and dumps it in my lap again, I just may not laugh next time.

...attempt to get a picture of Madison and Tyler together again, I'll make sure there are no toys around so she doesn't think he's trying to take them!  "NO, MINE!"  (This was the initial scene behind the cute picture I did get of them the other day.)

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