Friday, June 11, 2010

Our week in a list

1. My video monitor officially died.  This is how I found it this morning... I guess Jason was trying to "fix" it.
2. I developed mestitis and am on antibiotics
3. Madison pee peed on the potty at school
4. I was leaving my house to take food to a friend that just had a baby.  After a huge battle with Madison who just wanted to ride anywhere in the car, but in her carseat was finally secured I went to get into the driver's seat and realized I was still in my house shoes (Jason cracks up every time I say "house shoes").  If it had not been raining I would have left them on.
5.  I assisted in hosting a breakfast for a dog and a monkey

6.  My sister turned 34 which means I'm 18 months away from being that old. 
7.  My brother-n-law returned from a 2 month army tour in Rwanda
8.  Madison has become a little mamma right before my very eyes..  This gives me hope that she'll be changing Tyler's diapers in the near future!

9.  I gained massive upper body strength.. not because I mastered carrying a toddler and infant in a car seat at the same time, but because I mastered carrying all of Madison's treasured items from her bed in the morning and back to bed at night. (She insists on having her entourage with her at all times)

10.  I didn't think it could happen, but it did.  Tyler got just a little bit cuter!

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