Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Surprise! Happy Birthday!!!

Jason's birthday was on Sunday.  I told Madison that it was daddy's birthday when I got her up that morning.  On the way down the stairs she saw Jason and screamed, "Surprise.. Happy BirthDAY!!"  To her they go hand in hand.. you can't say one without the other .. it's too cute. 

Before church I attempted to take a picture of Jason with the kids.  (I'm still getting use to saying "kids" plural!)  If it wasn't Madison closing her eyes it was Jason.  I got two shots, snack in hand and this was the outcome.  Bummer! 

Speaking of cute.. Tyler is working on tummy time.  Madison loves to put toys in front of him.  She gets really upset when I flip him off his tummy.

I don't really know what happened to the other sock...Jason called him the "one sock wonder."  I think he went half the day like that.. I just never go around to putting another one on after it disappeared.

Check out all that hair!

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