Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Very Important Weekend

We had Tyler baptized on Father's Day.  "My Mack," Caitlin, Lori, John, Alston, and Parker all flew in to Austin for the big day. 

I got our first babysitter on Saturday night and the adults went out.  I opted for a lady in her fifties.  Not sure I would trust someone much younger with 4 kids ages six, two, two next month, and six weeks!  I had been looking forward to this night out for a long time.  First stop was Fonda San Miguel for dinner.  It's an upscale Mexican restaurant in downtown Austin.

Jason and I at the dinner table...

Here are the guys posing after dinner... after I snapped the shot I was like.. really?? Could y'all look more silly?  Can you maybe act like you like each other? 

So they did this....

Maybe not a framer, but a keeper. :) 

Here are the girls...

After dinner we headed to 6th street to Esther's Follies.  Here is the stage...

Unfortunately, that is all the picture taking I had in me that night.  The show (a musical comedy) ended at midnight.  It was all I could do to get one foot in front of the other to get out the door and to the car.  My poor brother and his wife were all ready to hit the bars on 6th street.  However, I knew I would would have to get up shortly after going to bed to feed Tyler. 

The next morning was the baptism.  Here is Tyler in his ADORABLE smocked bubble...

Here is a close up of his monogrammed shoes.. (something had to be monogrammed!)

These pictures are blurry.  I realized I set the camera wrong for Caitlin to take pictures.

Madison did really well up front.  However, I found out that I'm not the only one she doesn't want to hear sing these days.  We went up front toward the end of a hymn.  She pointed to the congregation once we got up front and said.. "NO SINGING!!"  I put her hand down and told her it would be over in a minute.  She stuck her thumb in her mouth!

Tyler did really well.  He was awake for the baptism, but did not cry. 

This is my favorite picture.. we are all praying over him.

Mack and Caitlin were the first to leave.  We snapped this photo right before Jason took them to the airport.

Lori and John left Monday morning...  I'm behind the camera.  (Madison was a little cranky.. Jason stood 8 feet away from John to make sure she didn't head butt Tyler.  It's a good thing...!

Thank y'all for flying in and making this weekend even more special!  We love you!!!

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