Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fit Pitching

Does something happen around the age of two years and three months old?  Something that has to do with fit pitching about taking a bath and going to bed?  Madison has always been really easy to put to bed.  However, lately it has turned in to a total tantrum.  She wants to sit on the potty.  Like sit on the potty and never get up.  She threatens that she has to poop and Lord knows I don't want to be cleaning poop out of the tub, again.  But she never does and we end up having to force her in the tub.  We have to chase her to put her pajamas on.  A few nights ago Jason was putting her to bed and she ran from him, fell into her window sill and busted her lip.  (FYI - Blood and white silk curtains do not go very well together.)  Oh.. and there is always the "read one more book" routine.  How can I deny my child learning?  Ten books later and I have to leave her with her arm out stretched holding a book screaming, "mommy read."  SO, I have decided that we will try to wear her out more in the evenings and shorten her afternoon nap a bit to see if she is just not tired enough.

I bought her a plastic baby pool and filled it up with water.  I added her pit balls, stripped her down, and voila.. instant backyard entertainment. 

Jason grilled hamburgers, the dogs embraced the cool fresh and rather large water bowl,

and Tyler hung out happy as a clam in his bouncy seat.

Bedtime went a little better...we still have a little work to do.

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