Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I love the 4th of July.  I grew up on Lake Sinclair in Georgia and all my memories consist of cooking out and playing on the lake.  I love Austin, but it's hard not being in Georgia with my family for the 4th. 

Can you see why??

We took Madison there for her first 4th of July celebration.... At three months old she slept through a lot of it!

Here is Madison last year...

We went to a cook out at a friends house yesterday. (Thanks Yi-Chi!)  I did not take one picture.. there was so much going on with the kids that I don't I ever sat down.  We had a GREAT time though.  I did manage to find red white and blue outfits for them to wear over there.


This morning we went to church.  I had Jason take a few photos of me with the kids. I really think this might be the first I have taken with just us.

At first Madison refused to sit with me and Tyler.

Two M&Ms later...

Can you tell their outfits match?  They look adorable.  (Thanks Lori!)  I had every intention of getting photos of the kids together after church, but Tyler had a slight accident and had to be changed out of his Jon Jon.  He is actually on outfit number three for the day.  So I took Madison outside and she performed her heart out no bribery needed.

I hope you have a great 4th!

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