Thursday, July 1, 2010

My car is not the only thing that got a whole lot bigger...

My Mack proposed a question at the dinner table the night we all went out.  I have no idea where my brother came up with this or better yet why.. I assure you his thoughts run deeper most of the time.  Anyway he asked the table, "what do you call those things that you put your food in when you go to the grocery store."  I'm sure I stared at him a moment with blank eyes knowing that he could not have had that much to drink. "Ummm what are you talking about?"  A little miffed he said, "you know, grocery cart, shopping cart, or buggy?" 

Well whatever you call it I had to get a bigger one.  Today was my first trip to a store with both kids.  It took me my normal forever length of time to get everyone and everything loaded into the car.  Of course Madison made two trips because after I secured Tyler and was chasing her around the inside of the car I realized she had a horrible shoooooweeee and we had to go back inside.  That was fun. 

We arrived at Target in the rain.  I use to scope out parking lots for the nearest spot to the front door.  However, two kids later I park near a "buggy" return to try and make life a little easier.  I quickly realized they were all wet.  So I got Tyler out, ran around the other side of the car and grabbed Madison.  I walked as fast as I could into Target.  (That would be not very fast).  It took me a few attempts to get Madison to sit down in the toddler seat of the buggy.  She was screaming and kicking both legs saying that she wanted to get in the other cart (the one pictured below that looks more like a carnival ride than a shopping cart).  Internally I was saying, "there is NO WAY I'm pushing that thing around Target."  Well guess what??  You can't fit an infant seat and a toddler in a normal size buggy.

So.. I stepped back and regrouped while Madison was screaming that she needed a snack.  No problem, I saw a box of raisins in my diaper bag.  I told her we were moving to that gigantic buggy and I would give her raisins.  NOTE TO SELF:  throw away empty raisin boxes.. do not return them to diaper bag.  

I then pushed my gigantic noisy cart to the snack aisle.    Normally I like to cruise Target.  Two kids later it's a get in and get out mission.  Good thing I only needed a few things.. I mean really, where do you put the stuff you need to buy when you have more than one child? 

I'm not sure when we'll try this again.  Maybe when they invent a smaller buggy that holds two kids and all my stuff complete with snacks, juice and a diaper changing station.  Sounds like never to me.

This picture has no relevance other than it's My Mack and his number one fan.

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