Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Potty Training

I started cloth diapering Madison after she turned one. I had planned to stick to gender neutral colors just in case our second baby was a boy.  I own TWELVE girl diapers... TWELVE.  I'm not really sure how that happened, but I'm certain it had to do with the cute factor.

I would love to say that I am currently still using cloth diapers on Madison, but I switched back to disposables right after we moved due to hard water.  Once we got our water softener installed Tyler was born and it just hasn't happened.  I hope to switch Tyler over once Madison is potty trained.

Madison understands and will use the potty, but on her terms only and that scares me.  One day she might want to use it for an M&M and the next day she won't use it for all the candy in the world... much less just because.  I've heard if you wait long enough they will train themselves.  I've also heard that if you wait too long it becomes a battle of the wills.  I've read that diapers can be a hard habit to break... "Is it easier to quit smoking after three weeks or after ten years?"  This is an actual quote from a potty training book I purchased.

So.. I bought a few cloth training pants.  My pick after asking a friend (thanks Katie) and doing some on-line research are Imse Vimse.  I got these because they are soft inside and out, but have a PUL liner in between.  It should catch one full accident. 

I also plan to pick up a few simple Gerber ones for home where I want things to run down her legs!

UPDATE:  I wrote this post last week and never got around to posting.  I bought the Gerber training pants yesterday and some princess underwear Madison picked out.  (I'm still waiting on the Imse Vimse to arrive.) I also let her pick out one toy as a big treat.  I had planned to wait, but we were both excited to get started.

Here is how it went...  We came home and she wanted her toy. (Never mind that she asked for it the entire ride home).  I told her that if she used the potty she could have it.  (In my mind I meant if she used the potty consistently for a day or two).  Immediately she said she had to potty.  AND ... she did!  She finished up, washed her hands, and ran into the kitchen where her toy treat was on top of the fridge.  She said "I want my woofies" .. translation - I want my "Littlest Pet Shop."  I tried to explain that she needed to go several times... HA HA HA.  She fell out on the floor into a complete tantrum.  Lets be fair she did what I told her to do so I opened it up and gave her a few of the pieces.  I told her she could get the rest when she went again.  She fell out on the floor.  I held strong and told her no.  I got her underwear out and she got excited.  I put them on and she went about her business playing with her toy and drinking juice.  She then proceeded to pee everywhere AND she didn't say a thing about it.  She just kept on playing.  I expected her to flip out.  SO I told her that pee pee goes in the potty.  I grabbed a pair of the princess underwear thinking she wouldn't want to get those messy.  She peed again within a few minutes and again she didn't care.  She was ready to put on the next pair.  "THE PURPLE ONES MAMMA!!!" .. wait.. "NO, THE RED ONES... YEAH!!" 

So.. I grabbed the closest diaper and put it on her.  This is going to be a lot harder than I anticipated.  

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