Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tyler - 2 months old

Tyler is growing so fast.  We'll find out how much he weighs at his two month check up on Thursday.  I'm really curious.  Check out those cheeks!

June 6th and July 6th

This month Tyler has started to really smile.. I mean.. really really smile.  Like when he sees his mama he gives one of these....

He just melts my heart.  (See those dimples??! Just like his sister.. and his dad.  I wish I could claim them.)

I would love to add to the list that he enjoys soccer and playing with his sister, but really at two months old it's all about hanging out.. and staring at the ceiling fan which he is doing here..

and looking just plain cute.

He's in a size two diaper.  He is really pushing the limits on the 0-3 size clothes.  We are supposed to get one more month out of them, but I'm not really sure we'll make it. 

I just couldn't resist another comparison photo to his sister.  I really think she might have had a little more hair.  He has that old man hairline right now, but I see new hair on it's way in. 

It just cracks me up that they are both in seersucker.  I swear this was not planned. 

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