Monday, July 12, 2010


Saturday night we had some new friends over for a cookout.  My dad and her dad use to work together in Georgia.  One morning her dad went by to see my dad at his office there and they realized that we both now live here in Round Rock.  So they did what any good dads would do and set us up!  We live within a few miles of each other and have a great time together.  I had every intention of chronicling my meal, but with two small babies it just didn't happen.  I did manage to get a "before" of the homemade Macaroni and Cheese.  I also made Baked Beans from the Pironeer Woman's recipes.  Mine turned out a little runny, but they were still "the Best Baked Beans Ever."  I also made Sangria for the first time.  I was worried that it wouldn't be that good because the recipe seemed too simple compared to others I found.  (The name of the recipe is "Simple Sangria"... HEE HEE!)  I will make it again.  Jason grilled burgers and we were set. 

We have a new tradition on Sunday evenings.  We joined a new gym that has an amazing pool.

We go after Madison gets up from her nap.  Tyler and I park ourselves in the shade... (he takes a little snooze while I catch up on important reading like what tore Jake and Vienna apart or which star looked better in the same dress).

Jason and Madison hit the pool...

Madison does like to come out every once in a while for a snack...

and some R&R.

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