Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Friends, Bad Hair

A friend of mine has a baby boy that is just a few weeks older than Tyler.  He also may be even more of a chunk!  So when her son outgrew two adorable bubbles she brought them right over to me.  I mean how could I turn this down??  I love how the professional photographers put babies in baskets and it looks oh so cute.  I'm thinking I need a bigger basket!! It's hard to get photos of babies until they are sitting up.

This picture makes me want to kiss each and every little eyelash.

All of these photos were taken on Sunday before and after church.  I almost don't want to mention my bad hair, but I'm afraid if I don't you'll be like.. "does she know her hair is awful?!!"  I do.. and I'm getting another cut from a different stylist at a different salon on Saturday.  This is my third stylist since moving to Texas at the end of January.  I went through 5 before I found "the one" in NC.  Let's just hope this next one is "the one!!!"  I don't know how much more of this I can take.

But oh how I love this photo of my baby girl.. pure love...

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