Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guest Bedroom

Remember this post way back in February where Madison was helping Jason put together our guestroom bed??  I finally finished the room.. for the most part.  I think it needs a little more chach.  (sounds like .. "chawch"...That is what my mom has always called it.  The stuff that makes a house a home.)

The most fabulous thing in this room is the side table skirt.  I saw this picture several months ago and thought the table skirt made the room.  (That room has the chach I'm referring to that I need!!)  I knew this table cloth was not something you could just run out and buy.  I contacted Carol at the "Needle n Thread" and sent her the picture.  She was able to make it for me.  The quality of the table cloth is amazing and I dare say it's one of my most favorite things in my house right now.

This is where I store Tyler's photo basket!!

and the bathroom...

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