Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday!

My brother, Mack, turned 30.  His wife, Caitlin, planned a surprise party for him so Tyler and I flew back to Georgia to surprise him. 

Of course I dressed him in his airplane romper for the flight.  He was exhausted by the time we got to my parents house.  Everyone wanted to love on him though. 

His cousins were so excited to see him. (This was after Tyler had some rest!)

This IS my brother in the photo!!  He had an 80's themed party at his house a few months ago and this is what he looked like.  I laugh every time a see a picture from that party.  He grew a goatee and shaved it down to a mustache just for the party.  Caitlin put this together for his cake!

There was really no way to hide the cars at his house so we all hung out in the drive way waiting for him to show up.  It's so humid in Macon that you'll break a sweat just stepping outside.  Tyler was not a fan at all.  Since I was holding Tyler I wasn't able to get any photos of him arriving. (He had NO IDEA... he was less than thrilled to be showing up to a house full of people in his "Grill Sargent" t-shirt and five o'clock shadow!")

This picture cracks me up.. He's noticing his cake for the first time..

I love this picture of my dad.  He is looking at an old photo of he and my brother from almost 30 years ago.. he hadn't seen the photo in years...

I'm a cake girl.. I can pass up almost any dessert, but I can't pass up cake.  I was so excited for him to just blow out the candles!!

We all call Mack the "Pied Piper."  He is so loved by his nieces and nephews.  Madison would have been right in the middle and pushing all the other kids out of the way if she were there.  

Tyler needed a nap something awful during the party.  I took him back to their room and put him down in the middle of the bed.

He's smiling at my mom as she tells him "good night."  Even when he's tired he's sweet!  Swaddling is a new thing.  I swear he didn't care to be swaddled as a newborn.  Recently, he kept waking up in the middle of his naps so Jason swaddled him without telling me.  He LOVES it and will sleep for the entire nap time.  I call him my little glowworm!

(I hope to have the lightscoop giveaway up by the end of the week!)

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