Monday, August 2, 2010

Splish Splash

Since I had no plans on Friday I decided that would be the day I would attempt to take both kids to the pool by myself.  I knew if I went early enough it would be really pleasant for Tyler in the shade.  (This was pre the 100 degree days we are now having and I'm learning are typical Texas summer days).  I got everyone dressed and applied sunscreen to me and Madison.  In the process of lathering her up Tyler projectile vomited all over my down comforter on my bed.  So I had to strip him and the bed and redress him.  I loaded the pool bag and pool toys in the car.  I packed snacks and sippy cups and water for myself.  I put Tyler in his car seat carrier and then I went to put Madison in the car first.  Right when I picked her up I heard this horrendous noise emit from the car seat.   I put her down and ran over.  Sure enough Tyler had projectile vomited again.  Not only did he have to be changed into his second outfit of the day, but the car seat would need to be washed.  Right after I took a moment to cry... I tried to make the best of a bad situation. The backyard would have to do.

The idea of this picture was great.  However, Madison was not in the mood.

So I gave her a sucker.. still nothing.

Then I got this.. awesome.

Moving on to Tyler.. He was quite content in only a diaper hanging out on the back patio.

I bought this little fan from One Step Ahead.  It's technically a stroller fan, but we normally use it on his car seat.  It clips to almost anything, runs off batteries, and has foam blades!!

While taking photos of Tyler I backed up toward our backdoor and it opened.  I started screaming every expletive and continued even after I realized it was Jason.  I about passed out.  Once I recovered I told him to NEVER EVER come home early without calling me first.  (Silly, I know.)  In the end he stayed with Tyler so I could take Madison to the pool.  It's funny how things work out sometimes...

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