Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Too much Java

My friend Amy went to a sale in NC and found this adorable shirt.  She fought off other moms and bought one for her daughter Ella and one for Madison.  We received it in the mail yesterday.. thank you Amy!!

Madison is always carrying around a container of some sort filled with her treasures.

Here is what's inside today...

a half eaten harmonica (thanks to our beagle Abbey), baby bottles, plant pebbles, and a wooden watch.

Me to Madison: "PLEASE give me one good smile and I'll leave you alone." 

I took this one as we were going inside.. "Just ONE more.. please!"  So she looked up at me with her sweet face...

Temperatures are supposed to hit 103 today with a heat index of 110.  At these temps a breeze is no cooler than what you feel opening an oven door.  So right after I took some photos of Madison we all loaded up in the car and met some friends at Jungle Java.  (This took an extended period of time because upon exiting the house with...

1. Madison - check
2. Diaper Bag - check
3. snacks/sippy cup - check
4. cell phone/car keys - check
5. infant carrier - check
6. infant - seriously?

Yes, I walked all the way to my garage door before I realized Tyler was still in his bouncy seat asleep and not in the car seat I was carrying.  I know one day I will get this "mom of two kids" act together!

This was our first visit to Jungle Java and it's WONDERFUL!  It's an indoor playground with a coffee bar!!  So the kids play and the moms have coffee.  Madison could have cared less about the indoor playground as soon as she saw this on the counter when I was odering my DECAF coffee.  

and I say decaf in all caps because after finishing the last drop I knew for sure is was NOT decaf.... I'm a chatty high energy girl on my own.  I certainly don't need caffeine and neither does Tyler. By the time we arrived home I felt like I had to sit on my hands to keep them still.

Madison spent most of her time sucking her $1.25 sucker....

and running around like a wild woman. We must have looked like quite a pair.. I'm sure I had this look in my eye from the caffeine.  Madison's was sugar.  (She also had an entire M&M cookie.)

Where was Tyler??  Catching a few zzz's.  My world use to stop for Madison's naps when she was an infant.  Tyler is having to learn to sleep on the go and I'm having to learn to be ok with that... 

I had three moms inquire about Madion's shirt at Jungle Java so in case you want to know... The brand is Boojue. 

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