Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Right where we left off...

Kellie and I met six years ago when I lived in Texas the first time.  (Yes.. the first time!  I lived here five years ago for two years when Jason and I first got married.)  Kellie and I met at work and became REALLY good friends. 

So much so that just after a little while of knowing each other I read in her wedding.  (I don't like to be in front of people, but was honored to do this for her!)

Even though I moved half way across the country we kept in touch.  Five years later we picked up right where we left off when I moved back... well sort of.  I returned with Madison and she had her first and I had my second baby within months of each other.

Meet Tyler's girlfriend.. Emily.   

He can't hide it.. he thinks she's really cute.. :)

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

For You

Madison has been taking swim lessons for a few months now.  Her lessons are in the evening so Jason takes her and I have some time with just Tyler..

Already a pro!

He's so funny.  This boy can really let out a laugh.  I love to kiss on his neck and he giggles and giggles.  He can't get enough and neither can I. 

I love this little onesie.  It's a 0-3 month size and believe me he's stuffed in it!
I recently pulled out Madison's baby toys. Notice the pink lined basket?  That is where they are stored.. bless his heart.

Our MOMS group had a great meeting this week.  We each baked one of our favorite things for the meeting and made enough copies for everyone.  We sampled each others favorite dishes and came home with a ton of new recipes.  How smart?!  Tyler helped me make my Oatmeal Carmelitas.  (We have been working on the paci.. as in getting him to take it. I know this sounds a little backwards. However, he seemed to be enjoying sucking on his fingers a little too much.. so I kept putting the paci in and he has gotten the hang of it.  It's gotta be easier to take away than the thumb!)

In the midst of baking I looked over and my sou chef was taking a nap...


Jason and I split bath duty at night.  He gets Madison and I get Tyler.  I kiss her goodnight before her bath because I know I probably won't see her again until the morning.  I got up on Saturday to get her out of bed and found her in this.  "Madison, what do you have on??!!" 

Jason said she wanted to sleep in her leotard so he let her.  Nice hair huh?

This evening a wonderful cool front blew in.  It was so pleasant.  We played and played outside after dinner until it was time to go to bed. 

Jason loves me.. Love = no beard!

Madison has come up with her own version of "bless your heart."  That is the only thing I can think to compare it to.  She says... "for you."  "Mama, I get it... for yooou" if she's caught red handed in the pantry getting candy.  She'll say it anytime she wants to do something she knows I won't let her do or she shouldn't be doing.  She thinks if she throws it on to the end of a statement that it makes everything okay.  I was cutting open a box and she grabbed the scissors I had just laid down. I went to grab them back and she said, "mama, I open it.. for yooou."  And for a split second as in a trance I almost said .. "sure sweetie, you do it" because she wants to do it.. for me. 

I'm on to you Madison!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us Where You Live - Master Bedroom

This week Kelly's tour of homes is the Master Bedroom.  Here is my master bedroom from a year ago when we lived in NC.  My windows were 84 inches so when we moved I had to get new curtain panels since my new windows are 108 inches.  My mom suggested lavender. 

How fresh and pretty.... right?

I pulled these photos off the COTE DE TEXAS blog.  If you've never visited.. you should! 

I planned a trip to the Mart in Atlanta to buy all of the curtain panels I needed for the large windows in my new home.  Before I left I asked Jason if he cared what color I got for our master bedroom.  He said, "as long as they aren't purple I don't really care."  I just told him I was looking for something "blueish." 

Here is a close up of my bedding because I don't think you can see the detail.

I found the prints at Ballard Designs.  (Southern Living has been carrying a 15% off coupon in their magazine.)  I knew they would be perfect with my blueish curtains.  Jason spent hours with a laser level and tape measure to get them straight.  He knew if they weren't straight I would make him fix them.  So once all the nails were perfect he hung them up and voila.. they are all totally off!!  It didn't occur to him that the wires would be all different lengths.  I'm letting him take a little break before he has to redo them. :)

That's our master.  It's probably my favorite room in our home!!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On the camera...

I leave my camera lying around so I can grab it and take pictures to capture moments.  Here is what was on my camera from this week...

Madison got a touch of the stomach bug so she had to stay home from school this past Thursday.  It was also my first MOMS meeting (it's a group that meets once a week at our church) so I was pretty disappointed.  However, we made the best of it.  I put Tyler down for a nap and let Madison pick what we would do.. She wanted her baby to sit in the bumbo just like "baby Ti-yer."  She insisted that her baby wear a bib.  She needed one too.  Nana gave her this bib when she was first born.. It reads "My daddy is a Mechanical Engineer"... which he is! :)

Then she stole the baby's bib.  I'm not sure why she thinks she needs to be wearing one.. it's not like I wear a bib when I feed her!

Madison calls Tyler (aside from "baby Ti-yer") her "baby sister."  We are always telling her what a GREAT big sister she is so I'm guessing she assumes that he must be her baby sister.  We are working on getting her to say "baby brother."  (She smacked her head on her play table.  It's now a nice shade of yellow right between her eyes.)

I was cooking spaghetti and Jason was doing what he normally does.. entertaining the babies. (For the record.. I hate the beard. I asked him the other day "why do you have that beard.. again?"  He said he was being lazy.  At least he's honest.  He did clean it up a little for work and I'm waiting for him to clean it all right off his face!)

We attempted a group shot.. Let's just say she wasn't in the mood.  :)

I must have done something special because Madison gave me flowers... again.

I have Madison's hair stuff in the drawer right behind her highchair.  I like to do her hair while I've got her confined.  I came out to breakfast already being served over the weekend and Jason had pulled her hair back with the bone from her Pebbles Halloween costume .. it cracked me up!

Madison's preschool does this cute thing with shapes.  They make buddies out of the shape and the kids get to bring them home for the week.  This week it's "Circle Joe." 

I asked her what shape Joe was and she said a ball!!

Since I gave Madison a bad rap with her art last week I thought I would show the picture she brought home this week.  I think it's very pretty! :)

I'm taking a picture of everything she brings home.  There is only so much you can hang up or save. I take a picture, hang it up, and then rotate things out.  At the end of the school year I am going to make a book on shutterfly with all of the pictures of art I took over the year.  That way you don't have to feel so bad when you throw it away!  I got this great idea from a friend in my MOMS group. 

I got this art cable from PBK.  I love it!  You could probably make one if you are crafty!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Show Us Where You Live - Living Rooms

I participated in Kelly's "Show Us Where You Live" the first time.  However, we've moved half-way across the country since then!  We moved from North Carolina to Texas.  The biggest thing I had to get use to (aside from the heat) was tile floors. I love hardwood, but most homes here use tile.  I have to admit.. it's great for dogs and kids.

This is what it typically looks like.. full of our baby equipment.  It keeps us sane!

I love the fireplace.  Limestone is also used a lot here.

I had to buy a coffee table when we moved here.  My last living room was much more narrow.  I found this one with the baskets at Ballard Designs.  Storage was a must when trying to decide on one.  It hides all my diapers!

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