Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dentist and the Thumb

Madison had an appointment at the dentist yesterday.  It was just a cleaning. I was a little nervous because she woke up SUPER cranky from her nap.  She had preschool yesterday and I think she could have slept until dinner.  I woke her up and it was a fight to get her ready and in the car.  She was completely silent the whole ride there.  However, once we walked into the office she LIT UP!  They have toys and an aquarium and a movie playing and I could go on and on..

Last time we went to the dentist I had to sit in the chair with her.  This time she climbed up all by herself.

Smile Madison!! (Yes.. she still doing that fake smile!)

Why does she keep looking up?? 

The Princess and the Frog was playing on the screen!

She let them check out her teeth and brush them.  She kept telling the hygienist.. "MY DO IT!!"  She held on to the end of the toothbrush while the hygienist brushed.

They also flossed them.  (I think this pic is misleading.. she was very happy!)

She was able to pick out a new toothbrush which she screamed was "BOO-TI-FUL!" The staff all laughed at that. They asked her about her baby brother. She told them that her "Baby Ti-yer and Honey" were at home. The hygienist looked at me like.."Honey?" So I said.. "Madison, who is Honey?" She looked at me like I was crazy and said.. "DA DEE!" Duh! (I call Jason "Honey" a lot and she calls him that too.)

So now for the hard part.  Madison is a thumb sucker.  Not just a tired or cranky thumb sucker, but an every kind of mood thumb sucker.  Her teeth are already starting to pay for it.

We use to think it was oh so sweet.  This was the first time we caught her sucking her thumb...

Here I found her sucking it in her swing and had to get a picture!

Halloween 2008

Christmas 2008

First Birthday

September 2009

April 2010

I'm sure you get the idea. 

I discussed the issue at length with our wonderful dentist and went over several options.  I was a thumb sucker for a LOOONG time and had horrible teeth as a result.  I really don't want that for Madison so I was ready to work on getting her off the thumb.  However, our dentist does not think she is emotionally ready at two and a half and I respect her opinion.  So for now.. baby girl can suck her thumb in peace a little longer.  :)

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