Sunday, September 12, 2010


Oh I must open with this photo.  You know when you take a photo and you think you just got "it?"  You know.. you shoot a hundred and then you get that one photo that you think is going to be great??  I knew the moment I pressed the button that I had gotten "it."

It doesn't hurt that I think he is absolutely delicious.

These days Tyler spends a lot of times riding on the front of Mama or Daddy...

or in his Jumparoo...!  I put this together myself a few days ago. (Madison's exersaucer was pink.. I highly recommend going gender neutral!!)  I really can't believe he is big.... err old enough for it.

His feet can't quite touch the ground...

but I can already tell that when they do.. he will be flying high!!

I love his concentration in this photo..

Madison loves it too.  I cannot believe she has not tried to climb in.  She seems to know that it's for Tyler.

Madison brought home some preschool art on Thursday.  I don't want to brag or anything, but I think we have a Monet on our hands!!  This really cracked me up for some reason!!

Madison LOVES to watch me put on make-up.  I'm just waiting for her to get in my make-up drawer when I'm not around.  She JUST learned how to open doors this week.  I found her in the pantry and pulled her out and shut the door.  Two seconds later she was back in... and OH is she SO proud of herself.  Jason made a trip to Home Depot today to get the knob covers.  That really ticked her off!

Potty Training is NOT going.. I attempted to make a sticker chart. (See where she gets her talent?)  She was REAL excited about the stickers.  However, not excited enough to go potty.  Ugh!  The stickers taunt her.  She keeps asking for one when she sees this on the fridge. Jason and I just keep telling her that she can have one when she goes on the potty.  (I think I'm being punished.  We are on time nine hundred and ninety-nine that she has asked for one.  I gotta find what makes this kid tick!)

Oh.. and I forgot to mention this...  When Jason picked Mack and Caitlin up last Friday at the airport he thought it would be a good idea to take them for pizza and a beer. Their flight got in after midnight.  I was snug as a bug in my bed and was oblivious to any of this.  Well on the way home at 2 a.m. they got a flat.  (Can you hear my snicker?) 

I got my hair cut and highlighted on Saturday. I was processing and my stylist (who is my new BFF) came back to check on me. "Can I get you water, wine, and/or a magazine?" "Why YES YOU CAN!" It was nice to have a little break. Thanks Jason!

Wow.. this was a random post. :)


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